Cheap Betis 2017/2018 football shirt

Founded in 1907, Real Betis Balompié is a football club based in Seville, the capital of Andalusia, Spain. The stadium of the team, La Perla, is named after the current president Ruíz de Lopera and can accommodate 52,500 people.

Since its inception, Real Bedis has won one of the La Liga championships, but it is already before the Second World War, other times are more in the league circles. However, this club has always been ambitious, as the Real Betis of 1998 had broken the world record transfer fee to buy the Brazilian national team Denilson, but because Denilson failed to give up the performance, and leave the club.

During the 2013/14 season, the team placed first in La Liga and was demoted to the Spanish Football League in 2014/15. At the end of the 2014/15 season, Real Betis, who was relegated to West B last season, won the championship and got the qualification to move to La Liga next season.

Since its inception, the Real Betis football club has won only one La Liga title, but it was already before the Second World War, other times in the middle and low of the league. However, this club has always been ambitious, as in 1998 Real Betis had broken the world record transfer fee to buy the Brazilian national team Denilson, but because Denilson did not give up the performance, and left the ‘team. On October 30, 2015, the former La Liga team announced that it had entered into a sponsorship partnership with UEDBET UEDBET will sponsor Royal Betis in the next two years, and advertising for Betis Real will be replaced by “UED Sports Ball” . Wording.

The Real Betis Club was created in 1907 by a group of young students from Seville who love football, but it was not until 1914 that the team was called Real Betis after talking with another club that was also formed at the time. Club After that, with Henry Jones from the UK, a football fan who loves Spanish football, the two teams have come together to form a more powerful team. This British man has also been the club’s first president. . After several years of hard work, Betis gradually became an influential team: in 1915, Alfonso awarded the title of royal family in 13th place, and the team really had the royal title. Their first official match also took place in 1915.

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Atlético Madrid Home Soccer Jersey 2017/2018

The semi-final of the Europa is decisive in two rounds of knockout matches, goals being the best principle, the home team must not lose the ball. This game is a contest between the first round on both sides. The match between Arsenal and Atletico Madrid is in the center of the UEFA Cup, the other two rivals, Marseille and Salzburg, not being strong enough, it is likely that they will win the championship in the final. Arsenal striker Lacazette is currently in good form and his current goals in the league have accumulated 13 goals. If this game starts, it will be the decisive player. Although Arsenal scored 3 points in the match of the weekend, but they basically got the Champions League spot in the league is basically broke, so want to enter the UEFA Champions League next season, have to pass the UEFA Cup championship.

Atletico Madrid are currently second in the League with 72 points in the Liga and have already decided to enter the Champions League next season. The recent defeat of the two rounds of the Liga Atletico may be due to reservations for the UEFA Cup, but Atletico Madrid has the ability to maintain its strength, Arsenal being the host of this match and the counter defensive attack of Atletico Madrid. Law

This season, the defense of Atletico is very strong: La Liga has scored 21 games this season, totaling only 18 goals, second in La Liga, and it is not an exaggeration to describe the defense. However, the result outside Atlético is not very stable, and there are already four consecutive games in consecutive games, and most losers are on the road. Of course, from the point of view of Atletico Madrid, the market confidence in Atletico will obviously be higher than that of Arsenal, and the competitiveness of the La Liga teams will always be in a leading position in the European war. Look, unbeaten Atletico is the direction of the main pursuit of the market.

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When the player is moving, the blue stripe on the side of the shirt can provide great breathability, but also blinks the bottom of the red pattern. The side of the blue shorts has the same red band. The new red Nike GRIP football socks are marked in white with the words “Athletic Atletico” in front and the white lines at the back emphasize the dynamic position of the calf, which improves the presentation of speed.