FON53: Lovozero + Kira Weinstein – Hello World


First official release from a new Moscow-based power duo. Lovozero + Kira Weinstein is an improvised ambient outfit that merges celestial female chants, electro-acoustics and programming into florid emotional flares.

Lovozero is Anastasia Tolchneva, best known for her striking solo EP on Monoleak and Tikhie Kamni duo with Moa Pillar. She’s an active force in the current Moscow scene, taking part in numerous multi-disciplinary projects ranging from chemical experiments to underground dance performances. Her second solo record is due 2017 on Full of Nothing.

Kira Weinstein has extensive experience in the Russian indie-pop and rock circles but is currently re-imagining her oeuvre in favor of sound art deviations, coding, improv ambient and outer boundaries collaborations.

Together the ladies craft an impeccable buoyant stream of sound that is equally traditional and fresh. This languid 16-minute session is just a taste of what they have in store for the upcoming LP on Kotä label.

Recording by Mikhail Myasoedov. Artwork by Daria Beskorsaya.

“Submerges the listener into the obscure, emotional stream of sound these girls are creating by improvising with ambient riffs and celestial singing” – InRussia

Helm, Moa Pillar and Embassy for the Displaced

“I found myself reflecting on the difference in circumstances between the people in that room and the people on the screen—meditating, in other words, on the theme of dislocation. The performance had done its job.”Resident Advisor

“Backed with footage of Siberia, their quivering electronics begin with a soft alarm sound that ebbs away as they head deeper into the almost monochrome wilderness.”The Guardian