FON50: VA – Nothing Is Enough

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Since 2010 we’ve managed to knock out 50 releases ranging from über-limited cassettes with junk folk to twisted hip-hop mixtapes and techno longplays. It’s been very heart-warming to follow people’s reactions to our 2015 editions so we did our best to organise one-off parties and label showcases in Russia. Hopefully, we’ll export those to the EU next year. We are 6 years this month and we’d like to kick-start the year with “Nothing Is Enough”.

The compilation is a little holiday offering to our listeners, 45 minutes of exclusive material. You are about to explore: a rugged Scandi-sound transmission from Erik Levander (new album of his coming out early 2016); primal bagpipe + Buchla drones straight from Bergen, Norway by Kvien & Sommer; “spiritual bass techno” from Russian mystic Moa Pillar; thumping club-ambient from cult Karelian producer Suokas; modular pulsations from Siberian tastemaker HMOT; and a troubled lullaby from Tikhie Kamni.

Artwork by Viktor Gornostaev (Sokrovvenno)

“Excellent compilation of unusual droning and pleasing, bracing racket in various forms” – The Quietus

“Тут точно есть чем гордиться” – FURFUR

“Один из самых интересных независимых лейблов России” – Нож

“Если у кого-то был скепсис по поводу Full of Nothing, то самое время с ним распрощаться” – Fields

FON49: Moa Pillar – Humanity



Spiritual bass techno is now officially a thing. A heavy, heavy offering by the prodigal son of Russian electronics.

Whilst drawing on authentic folk and tribal musics, Moa Pillar is equally inspired by the forward-thinking electronica and pounding dark techno as well as sound art. Think raster-noton meets Sublime Frequencies. Or Shackleton remixes the Ocora catalogue. Comparisons don’t make justice here – “Humanity” is a crushing sound odyssey in all its HD glory.

Fedor Pereverzev is yet another artist who “doesn’t like to stop”. He rose up to prominence during his late teens setting new age trends in the country’s Beats scene circa 2009. Having later incorporated live instrumentation and vocals along abyssal wobbles he basically developed his own niche he likes to call “spiritual bass”. Two years after the excellent “Hunting” EP Moa Pillar’s music becomes harder and leads to this longplay. Inbetween records Pereverzev manages to knock out excellent ambient in Tikhie Kamni and produce Lovozero‘s debut EP (one of the most talked-about records in Russia in 2015). A stunning documentary film about Moa Pillar’s trip to the Caucasus is entering its festival phase right now. Moreover, Fedor’s day job in one of the leading Russian sound design / audio-branding cliques has surely paid off: the textures and character of “Humanity” are as thick as stone.

This one is dance music for proper celestial freaks and trve children of the New Age.

Black cassettes, pro-dubbed & imprinted at Go Tape (Saint Petersburg), 130g paper jcards with artwork by Anya Kuts. Limited run of 100 copies, individually shrink-wrapped.

“Deeply dark and atmospheric journey into the future of cults, religions and self-awareness” – The Calvert Journal

“Beautifully textured journey through the Moa Pillar world” – Madrona Labs

“Релиз, в котором ворох сравнений и ассоциаций с ранее услышанным, побеждается несгибаемой идеей” – Электрокружок

“Головокружительная часовая техно-одиссея” – Colta

“В отечественной электронике это точно релиз из разряда “перевернувший игру” – The Flow